ExCAPE co-organizes HPCAFE-2018 workshop during the HPC Summit Week

For more information, see: https://web.fe.up.pt/~specs/events/hpcafe2018/

The ExCAPE video

The ExCAPE explainer video, now available:

EXCAPE – using supercomputers and machine learning for drug discovery from imec on Vimeo.

POP Center of Excellence optimizes our Matrix Factorization code

The Centre of Excellence in Computing Applications on Performance Optimisation and Productivity (POP COE) has had a look at the Matrix Factorization code of ExCAPE. They were able to optimize the code with a 40% speed up as a result. More information is available in the latest POP newsletter and in their blog.

EuroMPI Tutorial on Machine Learning and HPC

Update: The tutorial is now availble at https://github.com/ExaScience/bpmf/tree/EuroMPI16

The ExCAPE project will bring a tutorial at the EuroMPI conference in Edinburgh on September 25, 2016.

This tutorial will use the ExCAPE know-how to give attendees insight into the needs and opportunities for using HPC tools for machine learning on large data sets. The tutorial will feature a general introduction into Machine Learning and HPC, but we will also explain a concrete implementation of collaborative filtering developed by ExCAPE members. 

More information can be found on the EuroMPI website: http://www.eurompi2016.ed.ac.uk/sunday

ExCAPE at the HPC summit in Prague

We presented the project during the EXDCI Workshop at the HPC Summit in Prague. You can find the slides here.